Morong Star Hotel and Resort

We, Morongstar Hotel and Resort (Morongstar), recognize your fundamental right to privacy.
We treat your personal information in full confidentiality and with strict adherence to the
fundamental principles of privacy as required by Data Protection Laws, such as, but not limited
to, Republic Act No. 10173 (Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012), its implementing rules and
regulations, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

Please take time to read this Privacy Notice on how we process your personal information. As
used in this Privacy Notice, the term “personal information” includes “sensitive personal
information” and “privileged information” as defined in Section 3 of R.A. 10173.
We inform you about how we collect, use, access, store, retain, protect, and share your personal
data or information within Morongstar as you access our Morongstar Hotel and Resort Official
Website (

I. How we collect your personal data and what we collect

As you visit our website, we collect the data you directly supplied to us through our
contact information. We do not, however, collect or process any other data from third
parties, institutions or agencies.

You are not required to provide us your personal information. If you choose to do so, you
agree and freely consent that the information you provide will be collected, processed,
and stored under our auspices in the Philippines in accordance with Republic Act No.
10173, otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

As you visit our site and/or upon submission of your inquiries, requests, and comments,
Morongstar collects the following personal information, including sensitive personal
information, namely:

● FULL NAME, for us to identify you;
● CELLPHONE NUMBER and EMAIL ADDRESS, for us to contact you; and
● NAME OF COMPANY OR FAMILY (for group tours), for us to make reference to
your group as to which company or family you belong to.

II. Use of your personal information

We use your personal information for documentation and processing purposes, and for
other specific, limited, and legitimate purposes in relation to your inquiry or request.

III. Purpose of collecting your personal information

For visiting our site, we collect your personal information for us to analyze trends,
administer the website, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use,
without linking the same to personally identifiable information, and to track visits to our
asite for statistical purposes, without collecting any personal information based therein.
For reaching us out, we collect your personal information for us to identify you, contact
you, to provide appropriate reply to your inquiries, and such other specific, limited, and
legitimate purposes.

IV. To whom we disclose or share your personal information

We use your personal information within Morongstar, accessible by its departments.
We value your rights as data subjects under the data privacy laws. Rest assured that your
personal information and sensitive personal information are handled with utmost care,
and are protected using our appropriate organizational, physical and technical security

We however do not share or transfer your personal information with any other
organization, agency or institution without your consent. In the same manner, we do not
sell, rent, lease, subcontract, or give away your personal information, unless upon a
lawful order of the court or quasi-judicial body with jurisdiction over your person.

V. How do we store your personal information

We securely store your personal information through Google Workspace (you can learn
more about Google’s security & privacy by visiting the website

You may request access to your personal information, have it corrected or erased, or
block its processing. We will consider your request in accordance with law.

VI. Retention and Disposal

In accordance with our Morongstar Data Retention policy, we retain your personal
information as long as necessary for the purpose of their collection and processing. After
which, these shall be securely disposed of following the international best practices in
disposing physical and electronic records.

VII. How do we work together to protect your personal information?

As we protect your personal information, we implement the internationally-approved
best practices in handling personal information, where access to your personal
information is highly restricted to authorized personnel only. Our qualified and trained
personnel handle all data gathered with strict confidentiality using the appropriate
physical, technical, and organizational measures to protect your personal data from any

Our Data Protection Office, headed by our Data Protection Officer duly registered with
the National Privacy Commission of the Philippines, handles all data privacy concerns.

VIII. Methods Utilized for Automated Access

We use cookies, a piece of data stored by our websites on your computer for us to
remember your browsing session and improve your browsing experience on our
websites. Third-party services, such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube, may also store
cookies. While disabling cookies will not prevent you from accessing our website, it may
limit your browsing experience with our websites. Cookies, however, will not let us access
any other data from your computer.

IX. Your rights as data subject

We make sure you are fully aware of all your data protection rights. You have the right to
be informed, right to access, right to object, right to erasure or blocking, right to
damages, right to file a complaint, right to rectify, and right to data portability.

To exercise these rights, you may get in touch with our Data Protection Officer through
the contact details provided below.

X. Risks Involved

We recognize the risks involved in the processing of personal information, such as, but
not limited to, exposure to malware, ransomware, computer viruses, or unauthorized
access. However, we are implementing appropriate organizational, physical, and
technical security measures to ensure that any risk for personal data breach is mitigated,
if not completely avoided.

XI. Morongstar Data Protection Of icer Contact Information

You may reach out our Data Protection Officer for your queries and other data privacy
concerns via:

Name: Ma. Cristina V. Manzano
Contact Number: 09158085962
Address: Sitio Panibatuhan, Brgy. Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan