1. Check in and Check out time
    • The standard room check-in time is 2:00 pm and 12:00nn the following day is the check out time.
    • Early room check-in is allowed if the assigned rooms are available. Check out time will also be adjusted. (22 hours stay)
    • For late check out, kindly inform the frontdesk officer to check if it is possible. Once granted, hourly room charge will be applied. (max. 4:00pm)
  2. Ballers
    • For your security and proper identification while inside the vicinity of the resort, we are providing wrist ballers.
    • This will also serve as swimming pool pass for adults.
    • Lost ballers will be charged Php 200/pc. If you intend to buy it as a souvenir, you can approach any of our frontdesk officers.
  3. Cooking
      • We do not allow cooking inside the room.
      • There are designated grilling/cooking areas inside the resort that you can use for free. (bring your own charcoal and tongs)
      • 1st come, 1st serve.
      • We strictly implement the “clean as you go” policy when using the grilling/cooking area.
      • Garbage bins are provided near the sink


  4. Room Keys
    • Room keys are given upon arrival.
    • If you accidentally misplaced or left the key inside the room, you can ask our front desk officers for assistance.
    • Lost keys or key cards will be charged Php 1000/pc.
  5. Housekeeping Requests
    • For room retouch, additional pillows, linens and room amenities, kindly approach our housekeepers. Charges will be applied
    • For room unlocking, cleaning & retouch – this can only be done in your presence.
  6. Damages
    • Linen stains due to spillage that cannot be removed by deep cleaning will be charged to your bill.
    • Any damages and every incidental loss, which occurs in any part of the hotel complex or of any property or equipment belonging to the hotel during the stay will be charged accordingly.
  7. Power consumption
    • If you intend to stay outdoors for considerably long time, kindly turn off the lights and air conditioning unit to help save energy and nature.
    • We discourage guests to bring electrical appliances such as heaters, rice cookers, air pots and alikes. Using such will be allowed provided that it will be charged Php 1000.00 per unit for the whole stay.
  8. Restaurant
    • Meals are served as early as 7:00 am for breakfast. Last Ala Carte order will be accepted until 8:30 pm only.
    • The dining area is open during meal times. (depending on the availability)
    • To help save marine animals and the environment as a whole, we have adopted the “No straw” policy.
  9. Alcohol intake
    • The management reserves the right to restrain drunk and unruly person from roaming around the guest area.
    • Drinking sessions are not allowed inside hotel rooms.
    • Bringing of alcoholic drinks and liquors in a minimal amount are allowed. Corkage fees will be applied.
  10. Smoking area
    • In relation to R.A. 9211 and EO 26. We have assigned a definite smoking area inside the resort.
    • The rest of the resort and the shoreline must be maintained “smoke free”.
  11. Deadly weapons
    • Carrying guns, deadly weapons and the like is strictly prohibited.
    • The management reserves the right to inspect all the bags upon entry to the resort. Seized items will be subject for safe keeping until check out time.
  12. Personal belongings
    • Be mindful of your personal belongings. The management will not be held responsible for the loss.
  13. Videoke cut-off rules
    • In accordance to Anti-Noise Law in Republic Act. No. 386, the use of sound system and videoke machines are strictly prohibited after 10:00 in the evening.
  14. Pets
    • We do allow the bringing of pets as long as the owner is willing to comply to the following rules:
      1. Pet registration papers must be brought together with the pet’s cage.
      2. Bathing pets in the shore is not allowed.
      3. Damages that will be caused by the pet will be charged accordingly.
      4. Pet’s entrance fee: Php 500.00
  15. Personal ID for group coordinators
    • We are requiring every group coordinator to present a valid identification upon release of the room keys.
  16. Room charge
    • You will be asked to sign to a room charge slip if you get any item (s) from the restaurant. We’ll only honor the signature of the group coordinator or the person-in-charge.