Morong Star Hotel and Resort

Hotel and Resorts Packages

Day Tour Entrance Fee


  • Check-in 6am- Check out 6pm
  • P 1450/person minimum of 4 persons
  • Beach Access 
  • 3 Plated Meals
    – AM Snack
    – Lunch
    -PM Snack
  • VAT Inclusive

Overnight Package

P 2,500/person minimum of 2 persons.

  • Regular room accommodation
  • Beach Access
  • 3 Plated Meals
    – Dinner
    – Breakfast
    – Lunch
  •  VAT Inclusion


  • Between 2:30 – 3:00pm
  • Booking Verification procedure
  • Guest must undergo screening before entering the hotel and resort premises,  swimming pool pass for adults.
  • Guests must follow Health Protocols: 


    Observe Social Distancing 

    Under go temperature check 

    shoes disinfection (sanitizing mats are provided in the entrance).

  • Proper handwashing / hand sanitizing, also the respiratory etiquette is implemented.
  •  No bringing of outside food.
  •  Front desk officer will release Key Cards, Guest Identification and reminder card to family  representative.
  • Free of charge but on first come first serve basis, designated parking area is outside  the resort’s vicinity. The resort management is not liable for any loss or damaged inside and outside of cars  parked.
  • Occupancy policy is in accordance with DOT guidelines.
  • Provided (2) trash bin inside rooms and separate bins for PPE’s such as face mask, gloves and  other sanitation waste.
  • Room turndown service is highly discouraged.
  • Bottled Water, Hygiene and personal Kits and laundry bags are provided.
  •  Request for additional supplies will be charge:
    Extra Bed – Php 700  Pillows – Php 100  Blanket – Php 100 
  • Damages and loss of room amenities will be charge accordingly.
  • Not allowed to cook and smoke inside the rooms.
  •  Housekeepers will do room checking upon room check out.
  • Plated Meals are chef discretion meal set. 
    However, if there are special request due to allergies, or any reasons, pre arrange order are highly  suggested upon booking.
  • Or kindly inform our Front Desk personnel ahead of time about your food preference like Halal for  our Muslim brother & sisters


  • Serving hours: 

    Dinner between 7pm – 9pm
    Breakfast between 7am- 9am
    Lunch between 12:00 – 2pm

  • Allowed but with P1,000/unit charge.
  • Allowed in designated area only, but should be in moderation. (*When allowed by Municipal  Ordinance.)
  • Allowed in designated area only. (*When allowed by Municipal Ordinance.)
  • Is up to 10pm only. (*When allowed by Municipal Ordinance.) 

  • Is free of charge to use in designated area only.
  • are solely for guest responsibility.
  • Special care for Person with disability (PWDs) is one of our priority.
  • The guest should inform upon booking, or our Front Office ahead of time if they have PWD  companion.
  • PWDs must always have nurse or guardian at all times while in the resort.
  • 12nn is standard time for check out, exceeding hour will be charge 1,500/hour.
  • Available payment options for room charges: Using Gcash QR Code.
  • Return key cards at the front desk and claim gate pass for security release to Main Gate.