Situated in the sitio of Panibatuhan, the Morong Star Beach Resort is the place to be in Morong, Bataan for a wholesome summer getaway. With family-friendly amenities and activities and a downright amiable staff, Morong Star is a certain site for any sore soul seeking fun, excitement or a great outdoor experience.

From specially designed swimming pools lined with lush greens to its stimulating powdery beach that compliments the cool calm waters of the sea, one needs not wonder why many people find the beaches of Morong Star in Bataan as a great destination for a wholesome family weekend, company outing or even just for a much needed rest & recreation

While we carry the name of this proud town of Bataan, Morong locales affectionately call us, the “Morning Star Beach Resort”. So just in case you get a bit lost, just ask where the “Morning Star Beach Resort” is and they’ll lead you straight to this small but shining haven that is simply called, Morong.



Morong Star Beach resort and hotel was established some 14 years ago with a vision of creating a resort that will allow guests and visitors to commune and enjoy the blessings of nature in this side of Morong, Bataan. From a midsize beach front, it has grown into one of the most established names of famous beach resorts within its geography and is considered a landmark this side of town to which for everyone who travels to Morong, our beach resort with its variety of water activities and facilities should be a must-try-and-visit destination.

Fast forward today, the resort continuous to be the bench mark of other resorts and travelers. The amenities like water crafts, zipline, acoustic sounds and beach cinema are at par with some of the country’s best exclusive but expensive resorts. The entire facility has more than doubled its size and in the coming years, we will continue to expand to accommodate more and more clientele who has been frequenting us and those walk-ins from all over darting their way to this resort all year round. Be a part of our resort history, Book it up and just follow the Star!